System Development

Setiri develops software and hardware systems per client specifications. Our expertise spans many solution types and platforms, enabling us to quickly assess the best technology to utilize for a particular system and then rapidly implement it.

Below are a few of the featured systems and technologies we utilize in many of our projects.

Mobile and Tablet Computing

We have extensive experience in developfing mobile computing solutions for challenging environments. We specialize in building systems to challenging specifications require ruggedized or safety certified mobile computing systems. These systems often utilize GPS, Wifi, and Bluetooth to enhance mobile capabilities.

Embedded Systems

We work with a selection of best-of-breed hardware manufacturers in building systems designed for challenging locations. Rugged and weather-resistent PC systems, sunlight-visible outdoor displays, and HMI systems are just a few of the technologies we have succeessfully deployed for multiple customers.

RFID Systems

Setiri has extensive experience with developing custom RFID-based asset tagging and tracking solutions. RFID can be extremely challenging to implement in non-retail applications, and we have the experience to know what does and does not work. When the applications calls for it, we manufacture our own hardened tags to handle special mounting or durability requirements.

Wireless Ethernet

Setiri has the experience to implement a wireless network within your challenging environment. We utilize mesh networking and ruggedized/safety-certified wifi equipment combined with expert site surveying skills to provide solid network coverage in areas as challenging as an equipment yard, shop floor, process plant, or offshore platform.