Witsml SDK Released

Setiri has released the Setiri.Witsml SDK for .Net.

The SDK enables .Net software developers to easily interact with a WITSML server and utilize the data in their own applications.

The software …more

Setiri partners with Huot Holdings LLC

Setiri has partnered with Huot Holdings LLC to provide software and systems design for their line of products. Huot Holdings provides technology solutions for the automotive repair industry and is …more

nWitsml project released – Open Source WITSML

Setiri has published the nWitsml project- an open source .Net SDK for Witsml data connections. nWitsml is a port of the Jwitsml project produced by Statoil, and shares the same Apache 2.0 open source …more

Setiri Deploys Deadlywind.com

Setiri has released a new website for the popular Paintball products manufacturer, Deadlywind LLC. The project was the culmination of several months of collaboration over design and functionality of …more

MudData Mudlogging systems launched

After several years of development, Setiri has launched MudData as a joint venture project with a private partner organization. specified and developed the suite of mudlogging software systems …more

Setiri relaunches BIOSCentral.com website

Setiri has partnered with the founder of BIOSCentral.com to relaunch the website and begin a series of enhancements to the already popular content of the site. BIOSCentral is one of the most popular …more

WITSML Library announced

Setiri is completing development of and will soon release a .Net WITSML software library as the first product in a series of WITSML centered tools and applications. The library …more

Setiri LLC formation

Setiri has been formed as an LLC in the state of Texas. Setiri LLC is the new face of several private technology ventures merged under a single brand. Details regarding the new company and the services offered can be found on the company’s website at http://www.setiri.com.