Setiri actively stays abreast of the latest technologies and agressively pursues implementing them for both internal and client projects. This is not done for technology’s sake alone- we believe that newest technologies simultaneously improve user experience and increase developer productivity, while also lowering maintenance costs and total cost of ownership. Following are some of the key technology areas we focus on.

Microsoft .Net Technologies

-.Net 3.5 and 4.0 versions
-Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) for thick-client applications.
-Silverlight 3.0 and 4.0 for RIAs.
-MVC2 Framework on ASP.Net.
-LINQ technologies (LINQ to SQL/Objects/Entities/XML).
-Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and Web Services.

Mobile Technologies

Extensive expertise in mobile computing technologies, ranging from consumer-oriented mobile applications to workforce automation enterprise systems.
-Windows Mobile, Windows CE, and Windows Embedded based systems.
-.Net Compact Framework (CF)
-Android OS and devices
-iPhone software

Web Technologies

-Windows based web technologies- IIS, ASP.Net, MVC Framework, and Silverlight.
-Linux based “LAMP” technologies- Apache, PHP, MySQL, various open source CMS and ecommerce systems.
-Specialization in combining the best of current web technologies – XHTML, AJAX/JQuery, CSS, Web 2.0, and SEO – with the performance and maintainability of Microsoft .Net web infrastructure.
-Emerging NOSQL storage solutions, including MongoDB.

Windows Servers

Setiri is a member of the Microsoft Bizspark technology program and we utilize many of the Microsoft server technologies as our preferred platform.

-Windows 2003 and 2008 Server OS
-Sql Server 2005 and 2008
-Sharepoint Server
-BizTalk Server

Embedded Systems

Setiri has extensive experience developing custom embedded electronics systems.

-Arduino based embedded systems
-Atmel AVR and ATMega microcontroller solutions
-Ethernet-enabled embedded systems
-Motion control, CNC, and robotics systems
-Special-purpose POS/On-site terminal systems

Open Source

Setiri contributes time and resources to a selection of open source projects. A few notable projects include nWitsml, nopCommerce, MVCCMS, nCrawler, MVCCommerce and various other projects. Most of these are hosted with Setiri is also the project owner for the nWitsml project- a .Net SDK providing Witsml server connectivity.

We also utilize existing open source projects wherever practical. Many of our web projects have utilized open source in roles ranging from a utility library to a complete application framework. As these open projects have helped us, we aim to contribute back to these projects and help ensure their their continued growth.

Open Standards

We embrace open technology standards and build our solutions to be standards compliant. A few of the standards we regularly implement include Web standards such as W3C XHTML and CSS as well as industry-specific standards such as WITSML.