Software Development

Setiri leverages years of development experience building products and offers this expertise to client organizations as a service. We utilize a broad array of leading Software Technologies to produce the right solution for the particular needs of our clients. Below are some examples of solutions we have the capabilities to provide.

Web Applications

We utilize the latest in Microsoft .Net technologies to bring web applications to life. Our expertise is in combining the strong points of the open web – such as Web 2.0 design, open API’s, and lightweight REST/AJAX interface with the strong points of the technology Microsoft brings to the Web- strongly-types languages, robust server technology, and strong support capabilities.

Our development experience spans from simple social networking applications to highly complex ecommerce and transaction processing systems. In our work with the Energy industry, we have brought traditionally standalone systems- such as maintenance management systems and process industry inspections- to the online world by implementing these systems as web-facing solutions.

In addition to traditional web applications, we also provide solutions based on the new generation of “Rich Internet Applications”, or RIA. These applications run within a web browser but leverage advanced capabilities by utilizing Adobe AIR or Microsoft Silverlight to provide higher performance and “occassionally connected” features.

In addtion to the software side, we provide advanced hosting options for your internet systems. From simple site hosting to advanced cloud computing, we have a solution that is the right fit for your needs.

Mobile Applications

From Smartphones to Tablet computers, we have the right experience building mobile solutions and a track record to prove it. We provide solutions based on Microsoft, iPhone/iOS, and Google/Android platforms.

For projects that demand such, we also provide custom tailored mobile computing solutions. Customized tablet computers, ruggedized mobile computers and smartphones, and tough laptops enable us to address special problem spaces where normal hardware would fail. We even offer explosion-zone rated hardware for areas rated as high risk for explosions, such as in a process plant or on a drilling rig.

Embedded Systems

Setiri has developed numerous embedded systems for a variety of industries spanning consumer electronics, automotive diagnostics, and chemical process. These systems can present special challenges to overcome, such as low power consumption or extreme durability, and our experience can help navigate these challenges and lead to a successful solution.