Witsml SDK Released

Setiri has released the Setiri.Witsml SDK for .Net.

The SDK enables .Net software developers to easily interact with a WITSML server and utilize the data in their own applications.

The software enables rapid application development by abstracting away the verbose XML-based WITSML messages inside an easy to use .Net object structure. The SDK supports the full WITSML “Store” interface, thus supports creating and editing existing WITSML data objects in addition to just retrieving them. Both the queries and the data are made accessible through strongly-typed, intellisense-enabled entity objects. The SDK also provides data validation and a units conversion library as part of the package.

Setiri.Witsml supports version of the standard, and additional versions are forthcoming.

More information is available at the Setiri Witsml webpage. Contact Sales at Setiri LLC for information on licensing this software.

Documentation for the sdk exists at this link: http://witsml.setiri.com/witsml/






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