nWitsml project released – Open Source WITSML

Setiri has published the nWitsml project- an open source .Net SDK for Witsml data connections. nWitsml is a port of the Jwitsml project produced by Statoil, and shares the same Apache 2.0 open source license. nWitsml provides compatibility with most Witsml server versions- 1.2, 1.3.1, and 1.4. The SDK provides a read-only view of the data on a WITSML compliant server, so reading Witsml data is supported but updates/creates/deletes are not. Setiri is addressing this additional functionality in a commercially-licensed SDK product. This commercial product, named Setiri.Witsml, will also support a host of addtional features and will be announced here once released. Visit the nWitsml project home for more information – via http://www.nwitsml.org.






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